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Let Sunshine Foundation Repair find the problems before they find you. Dirt and sediment build-up in a sump pump liner can cause pump failure, leading to potential flooding. Just like your car, your sump pump is an electro-mechanical device that requires regular maintenance.

But it's not just about the sump pump - yard drainage solutions are equally vital. Inspecting them annually is crucial to ensure optimal performance. Cleaning drainage pipes of debris or sediment helps prevent clogging and system failure, while verifying water discharge prevents pooling and flooding. Neglecting these maintenance tasks can leave your home vulnerable to water damage.

Additionally, our high-performance SaniDry Dehumidifiers should be serviced annually to protect your investment and maintain optimal performance.

You chose Sunshine Foundation Repair to keep your foundation dry, and we're here to help you maintain that protection! Contact us today to schedule your annual maintenance appointment and safeguard your home against water damage.

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Annual Maintenance Checklist

During a maintenance service appointment, our professionals will inspect, adjust, or replace various system components to ensure optimal performance. Here's a quick checklist of tasks typically included:

Sump Pump Maintenance Details

  • Check pump operation - float switch, intake, check valve, and impeller
  • Clean sump liner of silt and sediment
  • Change the batteries in your WaterWatch┬« alarm (annually)
  • Check the discharge line for potential problems
  • Inspect crawl space, slab foundation, or yard for signs of flooding or moisture problems and suggest solutions
  • Check the CleanSpace┬« liner, if applicable
  • Provide any recommendations as needed

SaniDry Maintenance Details

  • Check refrigeration system and cold coil operation
  • Inspect blower
  • Inspect and clean heat exchange core
  • Verify discharge
  • Change filter to new duet carbon filter
  • Adjust controls as necessary

Yard Drainage Annual Maintenance

Ensure your yard drainage system is operating optimally with our annual maintenance services. Our professionals will:

  • Check drainage system operations for any potential issues
  • Clean drainage pipes of debris or sediment to avoid clogging and system failure
  • Verify water discharge to prevent pooling and flooding
  • Inspect the foundation for signs of water problems and suggest appropriate solutions

SmartJack Maintenance Details

  • Check SmartJacks to confirm they are adjusted properly
  • Verify floors are properly stabilized
  • Inspect crawl space for moisture issues
  • Check for fungal growth
  • Inspect and evaluate structural integrity

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