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Mold Treatment in Greater Jacksonville

Treat mold as a part of your waterproofing solution

Learn how the Mold-X2 system can help eliminate mold growth in your home.

Do you have mold in your crawl space or inside your home after water intrusion? Water and moisture can quickly contribute to mold growth, creating unhealthy living spaces and poor indoor air quality. Additionally, mold spores in the air can cause allergy flare-ups and can make it difficult for susceptible family members or friends. The best solution to permanently prevent mold is with proper waterproofing and moisture control. If you're planning to waterproof your slab foundation or crawl space and there's existing mold, our waterproofing specialists can treat the mold during the waterproofing process.

Mold-X2, a proprietary mold treatment system from Basement Systems removes mold stains from building services and helps prevent mold from growing back.

Learn more about how Sunshine Foundation Repair can solve your mold problems by scheduling a free waterproofing and mold treatment estimate today.

Mold-X2 products are proven to treat and prevent mold growth

Mold-X2 Botanical features

  • Antimicrobial
  • Fungicide
  • Cleaner and deodorizer
  • All-natural formula

Sunshine Foundation Repair specializes in installing two types of Mold-X2. Different mold problems require different types of treatment, and these products can handle mild and more aggressive mold. Our Mold-X2 Stain Remover cleans contaminated surfaces, including wood or masonry, in just 20 seconds. In order to prevent mold from growing back after using this product, the space must be kept dry and without humidity. This is why we offer it in tandem with our crawl space encapsulation system.

The other Mold-X2 product, called Mold-X2 Botanical, will help prevent mold from recurring on these types of building services. We recommend an application of our Stain Remover followed by our Botanical product to help make mold stay away. Furthermore, it's important to note that home ventilation is usually required after the application of Mold-X2 because of its odor.

Mold treatment goes hand-in-hand with waterproofing

One of the best solutions to prevent mold problems is effective waterproofing and humidity control. Other waterproofing contractors typically won't treat mold before they waterproof the foundation. Instead, you'll have to hire a mold removal contractor. At Sunshine Foundation Repair, we'll treat most mold stains before waterproofing.

If you have an extensive mold problem, we can recommend a mold removal specialist to help.

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If water has entered your home through your crawl space or slab foundation and has caused mold growth, take action to treat the mold and prevent future water problems by scheduling a free waterproofing and mold treatment estimate today! We provide complete waterproofing services and free estimates in Saint Augustine, Jacksonville, Middleburg and surrounding areas.

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