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Drainage Solutions in the Jacksonville & Saint Augustine Areas

Prevent foundation water damage with effective yard drainage

Yard sloping toward a home foundation

A yard that slopes toward the house can cause pooling water, leaks, and foundation damage.

A wet lawn or pooling water near your home is more than a nuisance. Standing water in your yard can contribute to mold growth, foundation leaks, wet crawl spaces, foundation damage, lawn or landscaping problems, or create a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

If you see standing water in your yard, don’t ignore it. The longer you wait, the more expensive the repairs can be. The Certified Waterproofing Specialists at Sunshine Foundation Repair can help identify the cause of your yard drainage problems and install the right solution for your slab foundation or crawl space. We offer no-obligation evaluations and free drainage estimates in Jacksonville, Saint Augustine, Middleburg and surrounding areas.

Why Florida homes need good yard drainage

Heavy spring rains, tropical storms, hurricanes, and poor rainwater drainage leave Florida homes vulnerable to flooding, foundation leaks, wet crawl spaces, mold growth, and foundation damage. If you're experiencing any signs of a drainage problem, take action to prevent severe water damage by scheduling a free evaluation and estimate today.

Short gutter downspout over gravel

Short gutter downspouts dump rainwater too close to the foundation.

Signs of a drainage problem:

  • Downspouts draining water near the home
  • Water in the crawl space
  • Water enters the home through a concrete slab foundation
  • Water pooling on the driveway
  • Water pooling on patio or pool deck
  • Water pooling on walkways
  • Mold or mildew growth in the crawl space or living space
  • Wood rot or structural damage

What causes a drainage problem in a yard?

Here in Florida, when a yard has soggy spots, standing water, or a leaky foundation or water in the crawl space, it's usually caused by a few conditions.

Excess Groundwater: Heavy rainstorms or prolonged periods of rainfall cause the groundwater under your home's foundation to rise. When the water table rises, the increasing hydrostatic pressure can force water through cracks in your home's foundation. When combined with poor grading or a gutter problem, the risk of water seepage is even greater.

Poor Grading: This is a significant cause of pooling water, foundation damage, and wet crawl spaces. When a yard is flat or the slope isn't steep enough, water can flow toward your home, contributing to pooling water and severe foundation problems. Standing water can put pressure against the foundation, causing cracks, leaking, sinking, or flooding.

Gutter or Downspout Problems: A poorly functioning gutter system is another possible reason for yard drainage issues. Gutters are designed to capture rainwater from the roof and carry it to the ground through downspouts. If the downspouts are too short, they won't carry the water far enough away from the house, and water can pool next to the foundation. The water can enter the home through cracks in the foundation or porous concrete. Clogged gutters can also cause water to spill over and pool near the house.

Our Drainage Solutions

The right solution to fix the drainage issues around your home depends on the cause of the drainage problem and the type of foundation your home has. Yard drainage strategies should consider the cause of your standing water, leaky foundation, or wet crawl space. At Sunshine Foundation Repair, we offer complete foundation waterproofing solutions, including interior drainage systems, exterior drain systems, gutter downspout extensions, and more.

Trench Drains

Trench Drains

For Florida homes with poor yard drainage, a trench drain system can prevent water damage and foundation settlement caused by oversaturated soil and erosion. A trench drain is designed to remove surface water before it can saturate the ground. Trench drains, called channel drains, collect water from surrounding surfaces and direct it to a drain pipe. The water is carried to a discharge point downstream or to percolate into the ground with a dry well or percolation trench.

Trench drains can drain water away from a driveway, foundation, patio, walkway, or area around a home where water tends to pool. A trench drain can also be used in an exterior doorway, including an entry door or garage, to help prevent water intrusion.

Catch Basins

A catch basin is a square drain set into the ground in a gravel bed, typically with a grate on top of it. Catch basins help prevent pooling water, erosion, and flooding, and they catch debris, helping prevent a clogged storm drain or sewer system. They are placed in low spots in a yard, below downspouts, or in areas where rainwater tends to collect due to poor drainage.

French Drain Systems

French Drain Systems

For Florida homes with groundwater seepage, a French drain system can help carry water away from the foundation. Also referred to as a weeping tile, drain tile, perimeter drain, percolation trench, sub-surface drain, or sub-soil drain, a French drain system contains a perforated pipe placed in a gravel-filled trench. This type of exterior drainage system collects surface water and groundwater and carries it away from where you don't want it to collect, including near your foundation. An adequately maintained French drain system can prevent flooding and foundation damage.

Learn more about our French drain systems.

Gutter Downspout Extensions

Downspout extended with a RainChute extension

An extended downspout carries water away from a home's foundation more efficiently than a standard downspout.

Clean, well-functioning gutters and extended downspouts are a simple yet effective solution for directing runoff water away from your home's foundation.

Sunshine Foundation Repair offers three downspout extension options to fit any yard. The RainChute™, RainChute EZ™, and LawnScape Outlet™ offer durable construction, clog resistance, and easy cleaning. We can install the right downspout extensions for your gutter system to help minimize the amount of water that collects around your home.

Learn more about our gutter downspout extensions.

Which drainage system do you need?

Choosing the best type of yard drainage system to safely and efficiently drain water away from your home depends on the source of the drainage problem. Our waterproofing specialists can recommend the right drain system for water collecting in your yard, driveway, or near your home's foundation. We install channel drains, French drains, perimeter drains, catch basins, downspout extensions, and crawl space drainage systems.

Why call Sunshine for drainage problems?

  • Patented, award-winning waterproofing products
  • Trained and certified waterproofing specialists
  • Lifetime warranty on proprietary products and services
  • Comprehensive waterproofing solution, including interior drainage systems, exterior French drains, downspout extensions, and more

Don't wait: Get a free drainage estimate today!

An effective yard drainage system can fix drainage issues around your home that can contribute to foundation leaks, structural problems, and landscaping damage. Get help from our experienced yard drainage contractors in Jacksonville, FL by scheduling a free exterior drainage evaluation and estimate today. We offer no-obligation estimates in Saint Augustine, Jacksonville, Middleburg and surrounding areas.

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