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Patio Lift and Leveling in Fernando Beach, FL

This back patio concrete slab was experiencing some sinking and sloping due to a former pipe leak that had weakened the soils below. Our expert crew used the modern technology of PolyLEVEL injections to quickly and in a non-invasive manner lift, level, and restore the concrete slabs.

Pool Deck Concrete Repair in Atlantic Beach, FL

The concrete surrounding this pool had become a tripping hazard. The natural settlement of the foundation caused by weak soils below had led to large cracks and sunken concrete slabs surrounding this pool. Our expert crew leveled the concrete with PolyLevel injections and sealed the cracks with the ultra-durable NexusPro joint sealant. No more tripping hazards around here this summer!

Sinking Stairway in Jacksonville Beach, FL

This stairway had become a real safety hazard. Overtime the soils below had weakened and settled, causing the concrete stairs to crack and sink downward. Our expert crew was able to lift the sunken area with interior PolyLevel injections and then seal off the repaired concrete with Nexus Pro joint sealant. No one will tripping over these stairs now!

Driveway Repair in Jacksonville Beach, FL

This concrete driveway was cracked in many places and slabs were begining to sink, creating dangerous tripping hazards. Our expert crew repaired and restored this driveway with the modern technology of PolyLevel. This involves drilling tiny pea-sized holes into the slab and filling them with a special lightweight and expansive formula. The poly allows for a controlled and accurate lift without adding any weight to the problem soils below. This driveway is now smooth and level!

Rotting Crawl Space in Jacksonville, FL

This troubled crawl space was rotten and cracked, causing the existing support columns to lose their strength and stability. The foundational failure was visible via the interior wall cracks and sagging floors - issues that no one wants to deal with! Our crew was able to permanently stabilize this home's foundation with the top-quality SmartJack system. These high-capacity steel piers are the only floor stabilizing solution that addresses the root cause of these foundational issues, weak soils! This system provides instant and permanent stabilization and can even lift the floors back to their original position. 

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