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We can fix uneven & cracked concrete in Middleburg

Is your driveway cracked? Do you have uneven steps? Not only is damaged concrete an eyesore, but it can also pose a tripping hazard for you and your guests. If you're looking to enhance the look and safety of your Middleburg property with brand new concrete, Sunshine Foundation Repair can help. From concrete leveling to cracked concrete repair, we've got you covered!

Concrete repair services by Sunshine Foundation Repair

  • Cracked Concrete Repair
  • Driveway Repair
  • Sidewalk Repair
  • Porch & Patio Repair
  • Concrete Step Repair
  • Concrete Leveling & Lifting

Need to repair your uneven sidewalk or cracked driveway? We are your trusted concrete contractor serving Florida, including Saint Augustine, Middleburg, Saint Johns, and the surrounding areas. Let our team boost the value and curb appeal of your home with beautiful concrete.

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Why is my concrete cracking?

There are many reasons for cracked concrete on your Middleburg area property, from temperature changes to errors in design and installation. Read on to learn more about the causes of cracked concrete.


One cause of cracked concrete is shrinkage, a change in the concrete's volume over time. As the volume of concrete decreases and the surface cannot move freely, tensile stress occurs, resulting in cracks.

Temperature Changes

Warm or hot weather causes concrete to expand, and on cold days, it contracts. If your concrete cannot expand or contract, it will crack due to the tensile stress.

Excessive Weight

Concrete has load limits. Though concrete load limits are typically high, cracks can still form if the load limit is exceeded. Commercial properties are susceptible to damage due to heavy loads.

Design & Installation Errors

We frequently see this when someone uses too much water in concrete mixes for residential applications. While high water content allows for easier installation, it also causes weak concrete.

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Concrete Repair FAQs

How do I repair cracks in concrete?

While DIYing your concrete repair might seem tempting, you should leave this to the professional concrete contractors at Sunshine Foundation Repair. We use high-quality concrete products to efficiently and effectively fix cracked concrete. Our NexusPro® solution is UV-resistant. So it won't crack, bubble, or dry. Plus, the drying time for NexusPro® is a fraction of that for urethane-based caulking products. Call us today!

Do cracks in concrete get worse?

Cracks in concrete allow water intrusion, resulting in further cracking as the water freezes and thaws, expanding and contracting continuously.

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Increase the value and curb appeal of your Greater Jacksonville home with beautiful concrete! Get in touch with the leading concrete contractor, Sunshine Foundation Repair, at 1-888-546-5886 or simply click below to schedule a free concrete repair estimate today in Saint Augustine, Jacksonville, Middleburg, Saint Johns, Ponte Vedra Beach, Fleming Island, Jacksonville Beach, Yulee, Atlantic Beach, Fernandina Beach, and the surrounding areas.

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