Below Floor Drain

WaterGuard® Below-Floor French Drain System

Water causes numerous problems in a home, which is why Sunshine Foundation Repair provides a full line of quality drainage systems and waterproofing solutions. All of our patented products provide an effective solution to your foundation water problem.

If you have issues with water in your crawl space or coming through your concrete foundation in Jacksonville, Saint Augustine, Middleburg or nearby, call us today at 1-888-546-5886 or click below. We offer free estimates on all of our drainage installation services.

What it does:

The WaterGuard® System is an award-winning, patented below-floor drain that rests in a bed of drainage stone on top of the foundation footing.

By installing the drain at this point, it's kept out of the "mud zone", the point where clogged drains are common. The unique shape and large drain openings of WaterGuard® also aid in preventing clogs in the system.

WaterGuard® is what we usually recommend, and it is our most widely used drain system. WaterGuard® is popular because of its resistance to clogs, its easy-to-access service ports, and its ability to also collect leaking water from the crawl space walls.

Advantages to our system:

  • Installed out of the "mud zone"
  • An anti-clog design
  • Collects leaking water from walls
  • Includes a written lifetime warranty

Customers also appreciate how quickly this system is installed in a home -- which is done with minimal removal of the slab. All removed concrete is restored during the installation.

Our French drain systems are a key part of a complete foundation waterproofing system, and help to provide a permanent solution for flooding. Our dealers are typically able to install a complete system in less than two days.

closeup of our basement drain's wall flange.

The WaterGuard® Below-Floor Drain System is designed with a built-in wall flange.

Any water leaking from the walls will move downward and behind this flange, where it is then directed into the WaterGuard® system.

Collecting water from wall cracks

Crawl space walls can flood from many points -- including from wall cracks, pipe or wire penetrations, and through crawl space vents.

At Sunshine Foundation Repair, we have many products that can collect this water from the walls and redirect it to your below-floor drain, including our WellDuct® Window Drain.

Water collected by this system is then drained down to your WaterGuard® System and directed to your sump system.

Why not use PVC pipe for your below-floor drain?

Typical below-floor drain systems use PVC pipe sections and make for a difficult installation. These wide sections of pipe are too large to rest on the footing, so extra floor will need to be removed to install it in front of the footing instead. That means extra work for you!

Because these pipes sit in front of the footing, they will have to sit in the "mud zone" -- which makes them highly vulnerable to clogging with mud. And because they don't come with a wall flange, a 1/2" gap will be left along the edges -- which is notorious for clogging with debris from the floor.

Install our below-floor drain system in your home!

Our patented WaterGuard® System is the result of more than two decades of research and development by the world's largest network of waterproofers -- and is backed by a lifetime transferable written warranty! This system has been successfully used in hundreds of thousands of homes and is a proven way to permanently dry your crawl space or foundation.

For more information, contact us today for a free waterproofing quote! We'll stop by your home to provide an on-site inspection. Our visit includes an on-site consultation where we answer any questions you may have, as well as a customized cost quote for all work you'd like to have done.

Our Florida service area includes Jacksonville, Saint Augustine, Middleburg, nearby Saint Johns, Ponte Vedra Beach, Fleming Island, Jacksonville Beach, Yulee, Atlantic Beach, Fernandina Beach, and the surrounding area. Don't wait to protect your home and keep it dry! Contact us by phone or e-mail today to get started!

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